Breathing and personal development retreats

not normal, dresses down, unusual skillset.

Cole is an artist, health practitioner, father, partner and student of life and humanity. He loves to hear people's stories, what they do for work and fun and how their successes and failures have shaped their lives. 

Originally graduating with a Fine Arts degree majoring in painting, he also had a fascination with the human body and fitness after deciding during a severe hangover that he wanted to "get fit".

That path led him down the road of personal training, fitness assessment, rehabilitation and into corporate health where he was a consultant specialising in functional fitness assessment and injury prevention strategies. 

The corporate world bothered him though, too much BS and peacocking, leading him to walk away on a quest to discover some kind of deeper purpose. This quest only led him into a deep depression for about 6 months before realising that there may not BE an actual purpose to life other than taking the next breath, and that happens automatically anyway. Way easier. 

Freeform life led him back to training, surfing and connection to people, the didgeridoo and strangely to dentistry where he was exposed to a number of practitioners working with the function of the face and skull and who introduced him to the concept of "breathing retraining". He started digging and before he knew it, was too far down the rabbit hole to get back out.

 Ultimately "when the student is ready the master will appear" and through this work Cole met a mentor and dear friend who began to teach him about the philosophies and origins of osteopathy. 

At 38 he enrolled in a 5 year degree course to set about and qualify as an osteopath, a path he is still following. 

Cole works with individuals, groups and health practitioners teaching a fusion of art, science and spirituality using breathing as a vehicle and teacher. He is very much a student of the breath. He also thrives helping kids breathe well through his online platform Happy Kids Klinic and lives  on the NSW North Coast with his partner Ineka and their 3 children. 


Masters in Health (Clinical Rehabilitation), Bachelor of Clinical Science (Human Structure and Function), Grad Cert Health Promotion, Bachelor Fine Arts, Cert IV PT and Remedial Massage.