Full Breathing Program

Full Breathing Program



Blend the art and the science to understand, learn and dig deep into why breathing is not only critical to survival and health but ultimately to our deepest essence and purpose for living.

This program is a 12 week, one to one immersion experience. I only work with a maximum of 3 clients at any given time and follow a framework that is bespoke to your needs, goals and specific challenges. This work is challenging yet gentle and combines aspects of anatomy, physiology, mind/body and the energetic/artistic realms.

What I can write about this in some brief web-copy is not sufficient. Working in this way needs to be experienced to be understood.

To begin your experience Contact me for am introductory call. This is no quick sales call, we will set aside a solid amount of time to enquire into your relationship and understanding of the breath and begin to uncover its power and meaning in your life.

Please note, this program is not for everyone and is not a quick fix or bunch of hacks and techniques, nor is it about breath holding or physical feats and performance. This program will give you a bed-rock foundation in breathing as the ultimate therapeutic ally.

Until we meet, Breathe Big


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