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Didgeridoo for Beginners... with a myofunctional twist!

Learn the basics of didgeridoo playing!

In this two part series I’ll take you through the basics of the instrument, covering;

  • How to make an easy didge from PVC pipe to learn (click here to watch the video)

  • The keys of didgeridoo

  • Basic history and tradition of the instrument

  • The basics of making the drone

  • Breathing drills to begin the journey to circular breathing

  • Practice sheets covering the “how to”

  • Introduction to timing and rhythm (THE secret to enjoyable playing from the outset)

  • Basic beat box rhythms to include

  • How to choose and select an instrument if you want to progress from your pipe!

  • Some basics of resonance and sound

  • Ideas and possibilities as to how playing helps SDB

All sessions will be live and recorded via Zoom call.

No previous experience necessary although you really need to practice between sessions!

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