A Spiritual Fulcrum

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Some say the darkest part of the night is the moment just before dawn.

If you’ve ever lay awake all night thinking something over, tossing and turning with stress no matter how many “hacks” you tried to calm your burning mind, you’ll know that hour.

It’s often the one where sleep finally overtakes the need to solve, decide or escape the pain.

My mentor once put up a slide that said; “in order to do this work we must have both a physical fulcrum AND a spiritual fulcrum”. I’d seen the slide many times but never paused to really dive into what it means.

What IS a spiritual fulcrum and what do we use it for? Short question, virtually infinite answer.

Recently I experienced one of those dark pre-dawn hours. I felt like the stress of coping, juggling and supporting had become too much. Not a personal mental breakdown but supporting my lover as she went through hers and holding the family together while physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

This is when the balance of that spiritual fulcrum really gets tested. Situations and experiences that push us to our limit can’t be “hacked” past. Breathing techniques don’t even work for me.

These moments, these times, these extremes are why we need a spiritual fulcrum and importantly, why we need to practice building one when times aren’t as tough.

To practice building a fulcrum that draws us somehow back to the centre when everything is sliding to the extreme polarity.

The ideal blog post would now tell you “5 Steps to Find Your Ideal Spiritual Fulcrum” but that simply doesn’t exist. Not now. Not ever.

Nothing I can write, teach or convey will help you develop your spiritual fulcrum. There may be tidbits we pick up along the way, but the only way in is to go through. To practice, to continue to see, observe, witness and work on our failings and our triumphs and via those insights, hone a deeper understanding of our own capacity.

To sink our feet deeper and deeper into the earth, and keep our perspective higher and higher into the greater good of the unseen plan. This makes us taller, straighter and improves our posture in the world.

We all get tested, and as the power of our ability to draw ourselves back to centre increases so do the tests. Our strength in the fury of the storm comes from the tightrope of balance that we practice everyday. I’ve fallen from that rope so many times I’ve lost count of the injuries, but I do know that I’ve developed a strength and sureness of step now that I can stay on the rope even while I’m hanging to it by a mere silver thread.

If you find yourself in that dark hour, don’t ever give up trusting and feeling back into your fulcrum, then in the easier times observe and be still enough to see and feel how your place of knowing and strength balances your centre.

Breathe Big


Cole Clayton