The Quiet Voice

The Quiet Voice of Intuition.JPG

The Quiet Voice


It’s a voice that won’t leave 

but you’ll never  hear it

unless you ignore it

Then you can’t hear it

and it can’t hear you

because of the noise

of ignorance

I’ve been trying to ignore writing this post but the quiet voice won’t let me. 

Because I’ve slowly learnt to listen.

Someone once told me “apologise to your intuition if you’ve ignored it, especially if it was right”

So many times I haven’t listened to the Quiet Voice of intuition.

“Remember to take this or that”

“Don’t go there”

“Don’t trust that person” (even when the deal looked good)

“Don’t marry them”

Wise words, all proving to be some of life’s big and small lessons. 

Learning to listen to the Quiet Voice doesn’t take any practice, no skill, no equipment, no money or any courses. Listening well just takes stillness, patience and unconditional positive regard, listening to the Quiet Voice is no different. 

If you stop listening or realise you should have listened, stop, breathe, quiet the noise and go still. Apologise to your intuition and listen again.

It might take a while to find its voice again, but it will be there, guiding, teaching, helping and loving you unconditionally, the way you’ve forgotten. 

Breathe Big


Cole Clayton