Not all that wander are lost….But a fair few of us could be….

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International travel is the weirdest thing, in the last week I’ve slept an average of 3hrs a night…

Nevermind the deep and profound breathing post this week, today I’m in survival mode!

A couple of days ago I went to Niagra Falls, on the Canadian side. What struck me was the immense power and volume of water that throws itself off the horseshoe shaped cliff, yet how mesmerising and peaceful it was to sit and watch tons of water fall from a great height.

The other mesmerising part was seeing how the well-oiled tourist machine operated as we descended in numbered lifts, were handed pink plastic ponchos and boarded the boat that took about 300 screaming people into the base of the falls for 26 dollars.

I don’t say this to be sarcastic or demeaning, it was actually pretty fun and the place certainly had a deep and majestic energy, even with a frantic veneer of excited visitors.

Where I became sad though was watching the fireworks over the falls, or rather, watching people watching it. Only, they weren’t actually watching them sadly.

At one point there was about 30 people we stood and looked at with fascination, confusion and sadness. 

They were watching the fireworks through their “devices”

I reckon smart phones are handy but I just wonder, are they taking over people’s experiences? Why do we have this strong need to view a once in a life experience through a tiny screen instead of the screen of our emotions, mind, physical sensation and dare I say it in a pace like that, our spiritual fulcrum?

If our spiritual fulcrum is numbed or dumbed down, thrown off centre or somehow completely forgotten by the need to watch such a beautiful event through our screen in order to “post” it on some kind of social platform, firstly have we truly lost our way and secondly, who is really leading us?

Breathe Big


Cole Clayton