The Divine Spark

Divine Spark is in the Light.jpg

The practice of of breathing and breath control has been unarguably linked to spirituality and spiritual practices since whenever we started contemplating the meaning of life.

I once scratched together $5 in change from the floor of my car to buy a small yogi text on breathing from a tiny second hand book shop in an equally tiny town ("no we don't take cards...") In that book the yogi presented the concept that the prana or what I call The Divine Spark, is within the air we breathe in, can't be seen, measured or even quantified. 

Every breath we breathe that stuff in though.

Or maybe, the concept could be that when we stop breathing we lose contact as human beings with whatever it is that creates that Spark within us, the Spark we share with so many creatures and plants we share the world with.

For me, access to this aspect of The Divine is the fundamental question behind the drive and desire to improve our breathing function, however, it's possibly the hardest aspect of breathing to quantify, especially since it can take years of seeking and patience to create a meaningful connection within both ourselves and to the unseen hand that guides us. 

It's way beyond a question of any techniques, anatomy, physiology, training or repetitive spiritual practice, instead it gives rise to the relevance and meaning for undertaking these studies in our daily lives. 

The juice in working with adults on their breathing lies in this mystery because it's also where exponential results lie. This question of existence and the life that breathes us is both simple, quantum and eloquently summarised in the quote I have on the home page.


This sentence can raise a passing eyebrow of interest or pique a spark of fascination and intrigue. If you feel the later, hit me up I'd love to talk.


Cole Clayton